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HR Proactive understands that there is no one way to learn. We custom deliver training to your company that suits your particular needs, whether it is in-person training delivered in the traditional way, through online video-conferencing with a facilitator, or entirely using online materials and testing. You are not limited to any one training method: HR Proactive will develop a customized training package that combines all of the above. You get to choose. We work with you to custom develop a package delivered on your terms, where and when you want it delivered.

HR Proactive has been delivering training and a wide range of other HR services to employers for over twenty-five years. Our roster of expert trainers, investigators, and HR professionals has you covered, with training materials customized to your workplace environment and employee learning needs. Today, HR Proactive offers, across Canada, instructor-led training on respectful workplaces and remedial sensitivity training. Our course list has developed with evolving legislation on harassment prevention and other provincial and federal HR and Health & Safety requirements. Our training solutions are designed and developed for both Canadian workplaces.

Diversity is

Ally Cisgender Emotional Tax Equality Equity Intersectionality Neurodiversity Non-Binary Unconscious Bias Workplace Inclusion

Every workplace has challenges to meet, the most important of which is to provide a respectful place for employees to work, one that values them and their contributions, and listens to their concerns. Whether that means accommodating employee needs, providing them with tools to effectively manage workplace conflict, conducting a workplace audit to gauge your work culture, or keeping employees up-to-date on changes in workplace law that may impact them.


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HR Proactive has a large inventory of training modules that can be adapted to your workplace. When it is not possible to assemble staff in one location to conduct training, HR Proactive’s engaging programs can be completed online, and at a pace that allows learners to internalize their learning. These programs are ready to be custom tailored to your workplace, with our design professionals adding logos and other company-specific elements to the package to make a unique company-branded training experience. HR Proactive’s roster of HR professionals and investigators bring decades of experience in all aspects of HR, whether it is training or internal investigations or audits.

Diversity and inclusion training can improve equality in your workplace. Here's how to create a program to do just that.

  • Creating diversity and inclusion training programs is a great way to strengthen your company’s culture.
  • Customizing your diversity and inclusion training is the best way to ensure it is successful and meets your company’s needs.

By working together and providing education about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we can meet new challenges, fuel innovation through inclusive design, and make a positive impact on company culture and our communities.

Most requested courses include:

  • Equity & Discrimination
  • Microaggressions and Unconscious Bias
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Cultural Diversity & Inclusion
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Preventing Harassment/Bullying & Violence
  • Pride at Work
  • Sexual Harassment: #MeToo
  • Supervisor Leadership Series
  • Respect & Civility

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Issues in Canadian Workplaces

Does your company advocate equity to create a diverse and inclusive workplace? An equitable workplace embraces differences among employees and fairness in the way all employees are treated. It embodies cultures, belief systems and personalities, and includes race, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical abilities, socio-economic status, and educational background, among others. An equitable workplace avoids stereotypes, bias and discriminatory behaviour. An environment that welcomes and accommodates individual uniqueness creates an inclusive workplace that recognizes and maximizes the potential of all employees. Promote inclusivity in your workplace and maintain a work environment that celebrates, encourages and respects diversity.

HR Proactive Inc.’s Diversity & Inclusion Online Training Program provides diversity management and inclusion training that will help your team develop the awareness to interact with all co-workers, customers and clients in a respectful manner.

HR Proactive Inc.’s Diversity & Inclusion training will also help your company promote an equitable workplace and:

  • Learn about diversity, stereotypes, bias and inclusion
  • Form practices that can be applied to interactions in the workplace and other areas of our lives
  • Build a strong sense of mission and teamwork to accommodate cultural differences
  • Understand the importance of a fair and productive workplace by drawing on the cultures, talents and ideas of employees
  • Realize the benefits of promoting diversity and inclusion

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